Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oops...My Bad!

I'm workin' it out.  Some things are working for me and some things are not.  I kind of cheated with my FlyLady routine this morning.  I know I said I was awake and dressed.  Well, that wasn't entirely accurate.  I was dressed alright.  But I had decided to skip FlyLady's most important step.  Putting on my "lace-up" shoes!  I thought I could beat this system.  Quite frankly, I thought I knew better.  Low and behold...I was wrong.  The plan was to go work out at 2:00 today.  Well, by around 4:30 I realized that I still hadn't gone to the gym.  I didn't fell like actually going out of the house!  Which is the whole reason FlyLady tells you to put on those shoes.  That way you have no excuse NOT to leave the house.  I did eventually throw on a pair of flip-flops and head to the store for a few things we needed for dinner.  And when I got back (shoes still on and all), I decided it was time to clean out the refrigerator.
Here's the thing.  I have supposedly learned this lesson once before, but my memory isn't always so good.  I took the glass shelf from the fridge to wash in the sink and with the hot water running and a sponge in my hand.  BAM!  Broken glass all over the kitchen!  Luckily it was the good kind of glass that cracks into a million pieces without any sharp edges, so I didn't get cut.  However, that was a pretty important shelf!  That's the shelf where we stored our gallon jugs of tea, milk, and some random bottles of alcohol.  Now where are we going to put that stuff!?!  My kind, sweetheart of a husband came home from work and cleaned up the glass while I got started on dinner.  South Beach all the way, baby!  Photos included...

Day 3 Photos Continued:
Broken Glass in the Sink - Oops!

The Refrigerator - AFTER

Sautee the Vegetables

Cook the Chicken and Marinade

Mix in the Steamed Broccoli

Add in the Chicken Broth

Dinner is Served - Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Establishing a Routine

Day 3 - Repeat, repeat, repeat!  That's what FlyLady recommends.  This is how I am going to establish my routines.  Today I must get up and get dressed in the morning and then keep my kitchen sink cleaned.  So far, so good.  My plans for today are to eat a quick chicken salad for lunch then hop on over to the gym (since I refuse to exercise outside right now), stop by the grocery store on the way home to get needed items for dinner, cook dinner, clean out the sink and go to bed.  Sounds easy enough.  I still want to clean out the refrigerator since I didn't get that finished on my initial day.  I'm sure I'll have room in my plans for that.  Just to help motivate me, I am posting the refrigerator before picture.  It's gross in there (so embarrassing)!

Day 3 Photo:
The Refrigerator - BEFORE

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nope, Ain't Gonna Happen...

Nope, ain't gonna happen...
I am not cut out for this "outside" shit!  It is way too fucking hot and I can't handle the heat.  Today, I opted to go for a walk with the family (including the dogs), and it sucked!  Halfway through, hubby and son turned to go the long way, and I continued straight to go the short way (taking both dogs with me).  A few minutes later, Daisy's back legs refused to even move.  It would have been quite comical if I hadn't been so damn HOT!  Her back legs stopped moving, but her front ones continued to walk until she was flat on her stomach.  So, we waited.  I was actually grateful for the few minutes we stood in the shade, I need to cool off and catch my breath myself!  Tony and A.J. had made it all the way around and meet me back where I was.  I wasn't sure it was gonna happen, but we finally made it back home!  Home, where I quickly fixed myself a glass of ice water, and stripped off every piece of clothing (shoes and all) that FlyLady made me put on this morning!  I was sweating, hot, and thirsty!
From now on, I am vowing to stay indoors while exercising!  The only time I want to be outside this summer is when I am at the park, the pool, or the beach.  As I said, this whole "outside" thing, just ain't for me!

Photos of our Dogs:
NOELLE - "Toes in the Sand" - 5 1/2 years old

DAISY - "Nose in the Snow" - 1 year old

Very Interesting!

So, apparently my body has "misplaced" nearly 6 pounds today.  I know that weight fluctuates from day to day, but come on, 6 pounds?  Where exactly did it go?  I don't know, but I can't really get excited about it because I don't expect it to stay that way.  Only time will tell.  As for FlyLady's Day 2, I am up, took a shower and got dressed (including my laced-up shoes).  Just so you know, it took me until 12:00 p.m. to get to that point.  However, FlyLady didn't give me a time limit!
Plans for today include, eating something for lunch (of course), heading out to the gym or going on a walk with the family, cleaning out the refrigerator since I didn't have time to do that yesterday, and eating a healthy dinner.  I wonder what's on the menu for tonight?  Stay tuned if you want to find out!  Day 2 is just getting started.

A HUGE, BIG, ENORMOUS "THANK YOU" TO MY HUSBAND TONY!  Not only did he run to the store when I found out that we didn't have any sink cleaner, he also put away the dishes from the dishwasher 3 times for me!  Our "shiny sink" would not have been possible without him!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Today, I have officially "shined my sink"!  It took a whole lot longer than I expected.  However, that wasn't FlyLady's fault.  All she told me to do was shine the sink.  I am the one who chose to clean the rest of the kitchen as well.  I figured it make a whole lot of sense to have a shiny sink and a messy-ass kitchen.  So, I washed two loads of dishes, cleaned the countertops, scrubbed the stove and wiped down the kitchen.  I did it in sections, so it didn't seem as daunting all in one day, although, it does feel like it took me all day to finish.  So, that's it for Day 1 with FlyLady.  Tomorrow should be an easy day, the only think listed for me to do is get dressed to lace up shoes.  Not that I often wear actual lace-up shoes, but for one day, I think I can handle it.  If that's even what she meant in the first place.
As for my healthier lifestyle, I ate a few pieces of rotisserie chicken and a bit of tomato and cucumber salad for lunch.  Went to the gym with my good friend, Ashley, at 1:30.  I rode on the bike for 15 minutes, onto the treadmill for another 5 or 10, then to the butt-kicking 30 minute workout with Jennifer.  She about killed us today!  OMG!  After being home for a short while, Tony wanted to take A.J. on a bike ride, so I decided to join them.  Well, that was a big mistake!  My legs and arms felt like jello every time I had to ride up hill.  By the end of the ride, I couldn't take it anymore and walked my bike home.  I hope I get better at that as time goes on!  For dinner, we had grilled chicken salads.  Tony chose caesar dressing and I had balsamic vinaigrette.  Yummy.  I was actually quite full after eating the salad.
After dinner is when I actually cleaned the sink.  I ran into a slight snag.  Can't shine the sink without any cleaner!  Apparently sink cleaner is not something we choose to keep in stock at our house.  We have lots of stuff for the carpet and furniture, but sink, NOTHING!  So, I sent Tony out to the store to get some cleaner and voila, kitchen complete!

Day 1 Photos:

Look at the sparkle!  Oooooh!

My clean kitchen - view 1

My clean kitchen - view 2

My clean kitchen - view 3

My clean kitchen - view 4

DINNER - Yummy!

In the beginning there was...

In the beginning there was...
ME - an obese woman who lives in a messy house.  I am sick of myself!  I am tired of being overweight, and I wish I wanted to help my husband clean the house more often.  So, my two goals for the summer are:  to start a cleaning regimen (I am going to use the "FlyLady" approach) and to get myself a little healthier (we are starting South Beach and I need to go to the gym more often).

Here is the plan:
Today, we are starting to eat healthier, AGAIN!  We have converted to South Beach before, and we partly continue with some of the changes we have made.  For example, we like to use whole wheat pasta, I look for whole grain bread, and we will occasionally choose a baked sweet potato over a white one.  Although, as time goes on, I am less likely to continue choosing the right thing.  So, time to start over.  Going all the way back to Phase 1, for the third time.  Here is the history:  the first time, I lost about 40 pounds and Tony lost 60 pounds, we both had a work out system that time.  Second time, I only did the food plan, no exercising, and I lost 15-20 pounds before I fizzled out.  They say the third time's the charm, I hope that works here too!  This time, I am going full force, food and exercise.  Luckily, since it is summer vacation, I don't have to worry about working full time as well.  So, I am hoping that will help me be more successful this time.
Then, on to the house!  From what I understand from the FlyLady website, it's a step-by-step process.  Day 1 only requires me to shine my kitchen sink.  Well, my kitchen has been neglected for so long that I'm doing that in two phases.  Phase 1 is complete, I washed a load of dishes and cleaned up some of the countertops.  Next is phase 2, another load of dishes and the actual "shining" of the sink.  Fear not, I will be posting before and after photos!  I am hoping that posting all of my trials and tribulations (because I know there will be many) on this blog, not only motivates me, but also motivates you too!  :)

Day 1 Photos:
The Kitchen Sink - BEFORE

The Kitchen Sink - BEFORE

The Kitchen Sink - After the first load of dishes

The Kitchen Sink - After the first load of dishes