Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Not All Fun and Games!

This whole South Beach Diet "lifestyle change" sure is hard work!  It takes a lot more time to cook dinner than to just pick up something on the way home.  Plus, the dishes pile up in the sink SO much faster.  But, I know this is going to be the best thing for me and my family.  We will be healthier and stronger after it is all said and done.  Last night, I didn't really like my soup too much.  After I followed the recipe, it was looking kind of scarce.  So, I searched around for some more vegetables to add to it.  I found some corn in the freezer and added it to the pot.  Only to find out that we can't have corn...oops!  Tony suggested adding chicken to it as well.  It looked much more like a hearty soup when I had finished with it, but it wasn't exactly South Beach anymore!  I ate it anyway.  Tony sat there and picked out all of his corn (he's so good at this).
Tonight was Barbecue Chicken and a salad.  I made the sauce as the recipe said to, but it didn't taste just right.  So, once again, I looked around for something else to add to it.  I added more of some of the ingredients that were already in the recipe, but it still didn't taste right.  Then I sifted through our refrigerator to see what our usual barbecue sauce looked like.  We had:  Sweet Baby Ray's, Honey Baby Ray's, Honey KC Masterpiece, and Hickory Brown Sugar KC Masterpiece.  Then it finally clicked...what do all of these sauces have in common?  They are all sweet!  Since we can't have sugars on this diet, the recipe didn't call for anything sweet!  So, in all my infinite wisdom, I decided to add some Splenda to the mix.  Voila!  Suddenly the sauce tasted just right.  I slapped it on the chicken (what I could see of it since I was once again cooking on the gas grill in the dark in below freezing temperatures), and it was great!
I hope I get up for work on time tomorrow, because I am too tired to make lunch tonight.  It helps to have it done the day before, but this diet is getting to be time consuming!  I'll get better at it though!

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