Monday, January 25, 2010

Resisting Temptation!

Tonight we went out for dinner.  We went to a steak place...steak is definitely OK on South Beach, as long as your diet isn't only red meat.  My husband and I both got our steaks with a salad and a baked sweet potato.  Dinner was good, but my husband and son were interested in the brownie from the dessert menu.  I told him he could have it if it was a sugar-free brownie made with whole-wheat flour.  He, of course, said it was (and almost had my son convinced he was serious)!  Well, after much persuading, I told him he could have the brownie and I would get the cheesecake...just this once.  When the waiter came back to take our dessert order, he ordered his brownie and I ordered NOTHING!  I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  I didn't really want a cheesecake that badly, and why ruin the last 3 weeks for just a cheesecake?  Well, at least not one that isn't from the Cheesecake Factory.  My husband and son ate the brownie, I tasted the ice cream, and that was then end of it.
So, it was a huge step considering just 2 weeks ago I was forgetting about the diet all together and scarfing down a creme-filled chocolate-glazed doughnut!  I was, and still am, rather proud of myself for resisting the temptation of dessert.  Now, if only I could force myself to get up and exercise...
On the menu for the rest of this week:
We are revisiting the Turkey & White Bean Chili, since it was such a big hit last time!
Grilled Pork Chops with Butternut Squash (I am told that the Squash needs to be cooked "like my grandmother makes it")
Rigatoni with Sausage & Mozzarella
Chicken Breasts stuffed with Spinach & Goat Cheese
Meatloaf with Gravy & Sweet Potatoes

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