Monday, June 20, 2011


Today, I have officially "shined my sink"!  It took a whole lot longer than I expected.  However, that wasn't FlyLady's fault.  All she told me to do was shine the sink.  I am the one who chose to clean the rest of the kitchen as well.  I figured it make a whole lot of sense to have a shiny sink and a messy-ass kitchen.  So, I washed two loads of dishes, cleaned the countertops, scrubbed the stove and wiped down the kitchen.  I did it in sections, so it didn't seem as daunting all in one day, although, it does feel like it took me all day to finish.  So, that's it for Day 1 with FlyLady.  Tomorrow should be an easy day, the only think listed for me to do is get dressed to lace up shoes.  Not that I often wear actual lace-up shoes, but for one day, I think I can handle it.  If that's even what she meant in the first place.
As for my healthier lifestyle, I ate a few pieces of rotisserie chicken and a bit of tomato and cucumber salad for lunch.  Went to the gym with my good friend, Ashley, at 1:30.  I rode on the bike for 15 minutes, onto the treadmill for another 5 or 10, then to the butt-kicking 30 minute workout with Jennifer.  She about killed us today!  OMG!  After being home for a short while, Tony wanted to take A.J. on a bike ride, so I decided to join them.  Well, that was a big mistake!  My legs and arms felt like jello every time I had to ride up hill.  By the end of the ride, I couldn't take it anymore and walked my bike home.  I hope I get better at that as time goes on!  For dinner, we had grilled chicken salads.  Tony chose caesar dressing and I had balsamic vinaigrette.  Yummy.  I was actually quite full after eating the salad.
After dinner is when I actually cleaned the sink.  I ran into a slight snag.  Can't shine the sink without any cleaner!  Apparently sink cleaner is not something we choose to keep in stock at our house.  We have lots of stuff for the carpet and furniture, but sink, NOTHING!  So, I sent Tony out to the store to get some cleaner and voila, kitchen complete!

Day 1 Photos:

Look at the sparkle!  Oooooh!

My clean kitchen - view 1

My clean kitchen - view 2

My clean kitchen - view 3

My clean kitchen - view 4

DINNER - Yummy!

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